Dave Gonzales of the Paladins

One of my favorite Players, Dave from the Paladins and the Hacienda Brothers. Check out the Hacienda’s if you like Country/Soul(think Doug Sahm, Sir Douglas Quintet). They were a very unique sounding band. Here’s an example of a player that is very tasteful, he’s got mega-chops but he doesn’t play anything extra. Every note fits, he NEVER rushes and never gets boring. I had the pleasure of opening for the Paladins about 15 years back, when they came to Vancouver.

Notice the way he goes from position to position. Also it doesn’t sound like he is playing a bunch of riffs, tagged together. He tends to play 1 riff and then build on it. This kind of playing impresses me more than Danny Gatten or Albert Lee’s explosive/overwhelming style(their playing impresses me, more from a technical standpoint). He’s not the kind of player that makes you aware that you are listening to a Guitar solo. Taste is much more important that technical ability, that’s why I hate shredding. Thanks to DonLaguna1 for the Vid

Heres the Vid I wanted to post, but here’s some other one’s to watch;


the Hacienda’s “Cry Like a Baby”. Chris Gaffney RIP,  will be sorely missed.


and some wicked Baritone Guitar work




  1. God do I miss the Paladins, but “The music must change.” Pete Townshend. Wish I could see the Stone River Boys more in CA, I fear my night time clubbing days are over and Austin is the place to be…sigh.

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