LANEY Cub 8 and Cub 10 Tube Amps

Phil at Bonerattle Music let me try out a couple his Laney Cubs. The 10 is pretty loud, there’s a speaker out to power a cab also. I’d say it’d be loud enough for a gig or band practice(especially if you mic the little sucker). The 8 is a good sized apartment amp, if you’ve got wall-banging neighbors. The CUB 10 is a Class A/B design and produces 10 watts RMS of power from an output section loaded with a pair of 6v6GT’s, driven from a pre amp loaded with 2 ECC83’s. The pre amp compliment consists of a Tone control, a Volume control and a Gain control, along with a set of Hi & Lo input jacks. The CUB 10 houses a 10″ Celestion driver.

The CUB 8 features a classic single-ended Class A design, and is loaded with a single ECC83 in the pre amp section and a single 6V6GT in the output section generating 5 watts RMS, with an 8′ celestion speaker.

I’m looking forward to trying the 10 next to a Fender Blues JR(15watt, 12″ spkr w/ reverb) or a Pro JR (15 watts, 10″ spker). It’s about $200 less than the pro jr.



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