Here’s a few links to some very useful resources.

First the Guitar Trainer. This will help you to learn all the notes on the fingerboard.

check out the other trainers here

Interval Trainer –from the woodshed

Triad Trainer-from the woodshed

the Chordfinder Ear (Ear Training)

Music and Instinct  Lesson Plan Overview

Music Theory Sites  Musicawareness

Music Theory for the very short attention span

Arts music theory

Ultimate Guitar Theory

Chord Progressions

Build Your Own Jam Tracks-Wholenote Music’s Groove Builder sound’s kinda cheesy but great for trying new Chord Progressions!

free metronome

Audacity free digital recording (you just need a soundcard)


Guitar parts Stewart-Macdonald has everything

BBC series “How Music Works”

Scales and ChordsGuitar Buddy

Interactive Circle of Fourths and Fifths-

Circle of Fifths games for Guitar

Kids Video game based lessons!

The virtual Piano

Jacmuse- What is “Tonal Gravity”


Banjo Encyclopedia


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